Ein Gedi, Israel

In my previous career, when I was beginning my tenure as a shift supervisor in the Truett Operating Room at Baylor University Medical Center (Dallas, TX), I made an early promise to my staff.

I told them that I wanted our staff meeting to be an oasis from the crazy bustle of our unit. I told them that I wanted them to look forward to our meetings, and to no longer dread them.

I told them to look forward to a time of refreshing. Perhaps an ice-cold Dublin Dr. Pepper. Or a cinnamon roll. Instead of talking about difficult topics, let’s come prepared to share good news about how the individuals on our team are doing great work.

If we had to roll out unpopular policy changes–I said I’d figure out a different way to communicate those so that they didn’t have to dread our times together.

I asked them to do their part to maintain the oasis-ey atmosphere of our meetings. I explained that I’m not asking them to never complain or refrain from sharing their frustrations with me–I want to hear those and be responsive to them. However, if we could hold those types of conversation outside staff meeting, let’s give it a try and see how it goes.

I’d love for this blog to be an oasis for you. It’s a noisy world. It can be a scary and negative world. Would you join me for a few minutes? Your time is precious–I won’t waste it.

If you subscribe (by clicking on the follow button at the bottom of this page), you’ll get an email when I post. I like that. I like knowing who’s on the list. I like thinking about you in a less anonymous way. Instead of a number–you’re a name; and we’re a bit more connected. No pressure. This isn’t for everyone.