Thanks to all of you who have been following this blog.

It was born in July as an experiment to address several felt needs:

  1. To try to improve my writing. Daily accountability to a real audience seemed like a powerful way to get in the reps.
  2. To put something encouraging into the daily diet of interested readers.
  3. To promote truth, goodness, and beauty in the One who made it all.
  4. To connect more frequently with my friends, family, and church in a time of increasing isolation.
  5. To leave a written legacy in a more ethical space than the major social media outlets.

The response has been humbling–there are a couple hundred of you consistently tuning in. We just crossed 10,000 views. The size of the audience isn’t my principal concern–I deliberated a long time before deciding to publish anything statistical. It’s mostly to let the dedicated audience know how it’s going, and to further clarify my gratitude. (And, since this is a year-end post. I think I might like to revisit this post next year and be able to track change.)

Thank you, everyone. I’ve received tremendously encouraging written comments and emails; and have had wonderful conversations.

Which is about how it goes–Set out to encourage, and you’ll be encouraged!

The most common question I’m asked is, “How do you do it everyday?” Answer: I have to work ahead.

The most common descriptor: “Nuggets.”

Most common comments: “I’m really enjoying your blog.” “I look forward to it everyday.” “Keep it up” or “Please don’t stop.” I’m humbled, and touched by your kindness.Thank you.

As for how long this lasts…, I can make no promises in that regard. None of us is guaranteed tomorrow. Most things last for a season. My hunch is that I’ll know when it’s time to stop.

So long, 2020. It’s been a wild ride. Our family has been trying to be deliberate about seeing silver linings. One of our favorites has been ribeyes for $6/lb. Sore bum from the lack of cushy TP? Here, have a steak.

Finally, I’ll link to the top five posts (by traffic). Traffic is most influenced by shares–so again, thank you.

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