My mom was short of breath. It was becoming increasingly difficult for her to do basic things–like walk across a parking lot–without huffing and puffing.

She needed a new valve in her heart. Routine? Perhaps. But nothing seems “routine” when we’re talking about heart valves and one’s mother.

Thankfully, her surgeon was amazing. He was at the top of his field. He had a national reputation. Mom was in good hands.

Post-op, when he came to the surgery waiting room to tell us she did great, we breathed a collective sigh of relief.

I was struck by how powerful the waves of emotion hit me–a mingled sense of relief, comfort, and a profound sense of gratitude for a man I didn’t even know.

How long did he have to study in order to have the necessary knowledge? How long did he have to practice in order to have the necessary ability? What sort of character did need in order to put this knowledge and ability to good use? What other countless factors are in play in order for there to be resources and opportunity for my mom to be healed of a malady that would be fatal otherwise?

God has all of this. He has all the knowledge. He has all the ability. He has all the goodness of character. He has all the resources to heal our sick souls, resurrect our bodies, and make good on His promise to grant everlasting life to those who put their trust in Him. The comfort that I felt from mom’s surgeon’s competence–I receive that kind of comfort times infinity as I place my faith and hope in the pierced hands of my Savior.