A chasm is growing between

The thoughtful and the reactive

The tranquil and the volatile

The profound and the superficial

The quiet and the shouting.

Some of this is due to factors beyond our control. I’m deeply empathetic. And will be first in line to advocate for the anxious. It’s a huge part of my job to strengthen and encourage.

Much of it, however, is cultural current. And, like a dangerous undertow, it will take educated and consistent labor to swim your way across the current toward tranquil waters where it’s easier to stand and help others also.

If you deliberately form habits that drive your soul toward the Tranquil, you will become weird in all the best ways. When common decency isn’t very common you’ll be noticed for your decency.

But it will be hard. And it may be very lonely some days. Don’t give up.

What sorts of habits? We need to turn off most of the notifications on our phones. We need to limit our exposure to the news. The news exposure we do get needs to be carefully curated from the best sources that aren’t constantly trying to “suggest” what we should read. We need to listen to high-quality podcasts. We need to read excellent books that have stood the test of time and have remained on “must read” lists for decades, if not centuries. We need to go outside and take long walks in silence. We need to pray.

And as you gain a firm place to stand, join with others who are doing the same. The real world is still a beautiful place. Real people are still loving one another well. And the One True God is still Ruler of Heaven and earth.