This is the 100th post.

Of course writing 100 posts sounds so intimidating I would never do it.

Writing hundreds more sounds impossible–I might never do it.

But what if I just write one today? And leave all the hundreds to worry about themselves?

Those hundreds must be pushed back–or rather danced back to where they belong (yelling at them only seems to make them more powerful, noisy, and paralyzing. No…No good, yelling. Just a Poppins-ish sing-songing, “Now, back you go, remember you don’t exist yet, after all!”).

They mustn’t be allowed to intimidate this one here–the one right in front of me.

This little slice of me. This little gift for my friends.

So, whatever your “hundreds” are today–I pray that you can make them smaller–all the way down to one–and feel courage to do that one with a smile knowing that you’re not alone.