I’m a huge fan of Indian food. It’s a part of my heritage–my Dad’s folks were missionaries in India. We grew up eating home-cooked rice and curry (occasionally). I’m salivating as I write this.

But I definitely did not like it when the grownups foisted it upon me as a small child.

None of my kids have liked it as small children. “Too spicy,” they complain, to the mildest curry ever.

But just as I learned to love it, so far three out of four of my kids can’t get enough. The fourth one is the youngest, and we figure he’s in the same slow acclimation that the other three went through. We don’t force them to eat a big plate, but politely let them know that they need to keep trying it every time it’s served.

I know there are things that no amount of trying will change your mind about. There are definitely a few things out there that I’m just about done trying. But most things aren’t in that category. Lots of things in life are acquired tastes.

Whether it’s a dish, or a book, or a film, or a person who didn’t win you over on the first pass–hang in there for awhile. Stay curious. Keep asking people why they like it, and see if you can find an appreciation that adjusts your initial aversion. You never know what might change.