Hello my friends! I hope this finds you well this Christmas Eve, eve. I’m reaching out to thank you for your loving support in our lives–ever constant amid the ups and downs of circumstances. We love you, and are deeply thankful.

Lately, we’ve felt like we’ve been living on the set of a Home Improvement show as we’ve been fixing up a house that’s been in our family for five generations. Truly, renovations take far longer in real life than they do on television. This reminds me of the Gospel, as our Redeemer tends to take the long, fixer-upper approach to Making All Things New.

I’m also struck by the sacredness of spaces. This old house isn’t particularly valuable–a modest, three bedroom, one bathroom, two-story built in 1890–yet its nooks and crannies contain my childhood memories–and those of my entire family. You may see an old house. We are transported.

My extended family has shown up–enthusiastically. Contributing not only their warm memories, but cash, tools, expertise, and labor to restore this artifact to the honorable place it enjoyed for so many years. I’ve been taken aback by the power of Place to reunite, to honor, and to collaborate toward a redemptive end.

Sacred Spaces and Places: We sing with reverence, “O Little town of Bethlehem.”

Our Lord lamented, “O Jerusalem, Jerusalem”.

Now, we all long for the Heavenly Jerusalem and the Return of the King.

Even so, Come quickly Lord Jesus.

May your Advent longing be met with Christmas hope, peace, joy, and love.