The wise are marked by stability. Their “yes” means yes; their “no” means no. They keep their word. They follow through. They show up. They may seem very decisive–so decisive it can seem shocking. Why? Because they are drawing upon a wealth of experience–they’ve seen this situation before, maybe countless times and have already learned the lessons that will both streamline the decision making process, and likely deliver a desired outcome. Their advice becomes invaluable–because you know they may be able to save you time and mistakes if they’ll take a look at your problem and weigh in.

They’re also allowed to change their mind without being charged with flakiness, indecision, or cowardice. They’ve earned the credibility to read the situation, count the cost, and change course when necessary.

“A wise man needs not blush for changing his purpose.”

George Herbert, “Proverbs” in The Complete English Works, 275.