Diedra harvested a large colander-full of green beans this week. I stared at it and took a sec to think about how crazy it is that you can put seeds in the dirt, water and weed, and end up with food. And a lot more than we started with.

As your gardens ripen take some time to consider the Maker. How all our human wisdom to make cell phones and skyscrapers falls infinitely short of the Wisdom of the One.

All the works of God are unsearchable and unspeakable, no human sense can find them out; faith only takes hold of them without human power or aid. No mortal creature can comprehend God in his majesty, and therefore did he come before us in the simplest manner, and was made man, ay, sin, death, and weakness. In all things, in the least creatures, and their members, God’s almighty power and wonderful works clearly shine. For what man, how powerful, wise, and holy soever, can make out of one fig, a fig-tree, or another fig? or, out of one cherry-stone, a cherry, or a cherry-tree? or what man can know how God creates and preserves all things, and makes them grow.

Neither can we conceive how the eye sees, or how intelligible words are spoken plainly, when only the tongue moves and stirs in the mouth; all of which are natural things, daily seen and acted. How then should we be able to comprehend or understand the secret counsels of God’s majesty, or search them out with our human sense, reason, or understanding. Should we then admire our own wisdom? I, for my part, admit myself a fool, and yield myself captive.

Martin Luther, The Table Talk of Doctor Martin Luther, 36-37.
green beans and red apples