I just got new tires for my truck. Honestly, I let them go a bit longer that I usually do. They were looking pretty bad.

There are warnings in the Bible about hypocrisy. If you’re in the habit of self-righteously handing out advice and admonitions that you are obviously unwilling to follow–the contradiction undermines your message. If it’s flagrant and severe, you could lose your influence completely. We need to take these warnings seriously.

And yet, if we’re so worried about hypocrisy that we never say anything; if we think we need to be perfect before we speak up; if we hem and haw saying, “Who am I to say something, I’ve certainly made my share of mistakes”–then we impoverish the folks around us from the collective wisdom of the community. Our blind spots are hard to see. We need each other in order to humbly find our way.

Your tires don’t have to be perfect to point out that mine are dangerously bald.