Have you enjoyed a dear friend? One with whom time seems to go by too quickly? One you long to see, and ache for when you are parted by distance or time? One who shares your concerns–and you theirs–with a load carrying that feels more like joy than drudgery? If you have, you are blessed–deep friendships don’t just happen. They are gifts. Whatever sweetness you’ve enjoyed in this life, multiply it by infinity if you want to consider what it means for Jesus to be your friend (John 15:15).

“Whatever we find lovely in a friend shouldn’t capture our attention, but should elevate our affection beyond them. We should conclude that if there is so much sweetness in a drop, there must be infinitely more in the fountain. If there is such splendor in a ray, what must the sun be in its glory!”

Henry Scougal, The Life of God in the Soul of Man, 118.