There’s a Why that is genuinely curious. It’s evidence of a growth mindset that keeps pressing in, desiring more and more nuance, better understanding, greater love, warmer intimacy.

There’s a Why that is heartbroken and confused. It’s struggling with circumstances that lack meaning.

There’s a Why that already knows the answer–but challenges us to think things through–to take a closer look–to examine our motives.

There’s a Why that says, “Prove it.” This one, if truth be told, is cynical at bottom and no amount of compelling evidence will be admitted. Perhaps it’s not a why at all.

There’s a Why of warm-hearted, incredulous surprise–often in response to an amazing invitation or an over-the-top gift. “Why, Thank you!”

Our Lord asked Why. On the cross He cried out, “My God, My God, Why have You forsaken me?” He experienced the worst Why of human experience for us. He knows. He understands. And now He’s alive.