When you’re a little kid, fishing isn’t fun unless you catch a fish.

As you grow, at some point, something changes, and fishing is fun even if you don’t catch a fish.

Then you’re grown and you take your kid fishing. You actually pray that they will catch a fish so that they will have a good time.

Then your kid grows and doesn’t have to catch a fish in order to have a good time.

You look at each other with a deep understanding that it’s less about the fish and more about shared delight in the beauty of the world, and togetherness.

I think it’s probably always more fun when the fish are biting. But there’s something really sweet about the growth process–how our delight broadens out; grows more content; becomes more concerned about the delight of the people we love. Indeed it is better to give than receive.

Go find your joy in someone’s delight. And expand their joy by delighting in their gifts to you.