If you ask educators why they do what they do–they’ll give you two answers:

First: NOT the pay.

Second: Aha Moments.

Premier educators are addicted to seeing the lights come on in the eyes of their students. To have a front row seat to discovery–especially if that moment is accompanied with a thrill of excitement–to be the guide to truth, is almost priceless.

Today Christians around the globe are celebrating Epiphany–the word refers to a revelation, a manifestation, an announcement, more literally, “turning the lights on.” Aha!

The Biblical story that goes with this day is recorded in Matthew chapter 2. The Wise Men (aka, Magi, and more famously, We Three Kings) follow a great light from the East to Judea, ultimately arriving in Bethlehem to see and worship the child King, Jesus.

These Magi are foreigners–outsiders–not Jews. The text portrays them as having greater loyalty to Christ than the Jewish establishment.

In our home, the magi figurines are just arriving at our Nativity sets. All through Advent and Christmastime, they’ve been traveling long distances–clear across the piano–in order to bring their gifts to the Christ child.

One of my favorite sets, from my internship in Nigeria.

We talk to the children about how we (as non-Jewish) outsiders have been given a great Epiphany. Without generations of faithful sharing of the story we would be lost in the dark. We shall keep seeking this Light, offering our gifts to this Light, and do our best to shine His Light wherever we can. As Outsiders, who are now Insiders, we must heed the warnings that come with this story, extending Gospel hope, hospitality, honor and care to the ostracized.