I have a close friend who is mostly deaf. I’ve learned so much from him.

He’s given me a glimpse of how sound-dependent I am. Sirens, horns, alarms, and bells alert to danger; Voices spoken and heard make it far easier to communicate; Music evokes the full range of human emotion; Microwave bells can make us salivate. So much I hear without hearing because I take it for granted.

He’s also taught me that I don’t see very well. His visual powers are sharp–not that he can actually see better than 20/20–but he’s so keenly observant that his appreciation for color, texture, contrast, and nuance make me feel like I’ve never really seen anything. His enthusiasm is invigorating, draws me in, and makes me want to see what he sees.

He takes stunning photographs. You can see more of his work here at Summit Photography.

Thank you, Jonathan. You’ve enriched my life.

Today: Listen, and hear the music in your loved ones’ voices. Look, and see the art in their faces.