If you’re a leader, you’re always recruiting. Perhaps not in the formal sense where you’re literally trying to recruit folks to fill positions, but you’re always recruiting informally.

By setting the tone–by trying to make the overall atmosphere one that makes people want to stick around, get involved, and even be willing to talk about it to their friends and family.

One of our volunteers said something recently that made my year. She said, “Everything that happens at our church is about fifteen minutes too short. Every class, every service, every activity–you just wish would last about fifteen more minutes. Keeps you wanting more. Keeps you coming back.”

That kind of culture is solid gold. And easy to damage if you’re not careful. By malaise. Burnout. Complaining. Pettiness. Gossip.

But it can also compound on itself–which is exactly what we pray happens–building momentum, vibrancy, and long-lasting redemptive action in our community.