Relevance is time sensitive. This is why breaking news “matters” more than yesterday’s news.

Except when it doesn’t.

A tiny fraction of the breaking news will remain relevant because it’s actually history–not mere news (like 9/11). But the rest of it will be forgotten as fast as the news cycle.

Some things that are highly relevant don’t even make the news (like the Nativity). These things are obscure–perhaps for lifetimes–until they are discovered, like buried treasure or a hidden forest of ancient oak trees that were once acorns.

Do you want to make a splash? Or do you want to build a well? How you answer this question will shape your priorities for today, your habits, your vocational choices.

Social media followers now? Or a legacy that extends past your last day at work or after your funeral? These two end-goals don’t have to be in contradiction–but they often are.

Invest locally in future generations with timeless truths regarding the human condition. Resist the urge to get caught up in controversy about things that will be quickly forgotten, alienating future generations, in an effort to make a splash now. Hook into the deep themes with solid intergenerational relationships. If that sounds overwhelming, it could be as simple as writing a note or baking some cookies.

These quiet investments may feel irrelevant, they may feel tedious, boring, lonely, messy, and frustrating. And it may be very demotivating to not see immediate results.

Like planting acorns.