I had a word omission in the very first sentence. And another one missing just a few lines later.

How does this happen?


I used to grade papers for my professor. It was amazing how often a paper would conclude with a half sentence.

I get it. You were up all night. The printer gave you fits, and the paper had to be turned in. The grade reduction for the grammar, spelling, and syntax would be less severe than missing the deadline. I get it.

I think the best single thing you can do to proof your writings [all writings–even (especially?) your emails] is to read them out loud.

Reading aloud slows you waaayyy doooowwnn. You’ll find all kinds of mistakes that your computer will miss (or in the case of autocorrect, has caused).

I tell my budding pianists that it’s especially important to get the beginning and the end of the piece perfect. Much will be forgiven in the middle that can’t be tolerated at the beginning or the end.

So, pay extra special attention to your opening lines and your conclu