We had our first snow this week. It’s way late. I think we’ve had one of the warmest falls on record.

There’s something magical about the first snow. Children (and those who are young at heart) sense this and communicate their delight.

Childhood snow cares nothing of slippery steps and roads, slush, and sodden floors.

Just sheer magic floating down from heaven. The thicker the better.

Once, I came home in the dark. The snow was falling heavily–illuminated by our street light–glowing and blowing. The neighbor boy was out and he called to me as I got out of my truck, “It’s snowing!”

Pure exuberance wanting to be shared.

I try to think of him when I’m shoveling. Or trudging to the frozen woodpile for another load of fuel. He warms my affections a few degrees and makes me smile.