I inherited a machinist square from my maternal Grandfather, Arthur Stanley Kennedy. His friends called him Stan. I called him Grandpa.

He’s with Jesus now. We miss him. He was a man of integrity. He loved the Lord. He loved his family. He sought to live in a way that was consistent with his faith.

This square is perfectly square. I use it when I’m woodworking. I can trust it to deliver the accuracy the work demands every single time.

If things aren’t square, the work shows ugly gaps. It wobbles. If it’s terribly out of square, it won’t even assemble.

Watching Grandpa live his life–listening to his advice; seeing how the community respected him– delivered a legacy of integrity–you could trust him every single time. He wasn’t perfect. No one but Christ is perfect. But his integrity extended into his imperfections so that trust could remain intact.

Hopefully I can pass this square down the line–along with the life that it symbolizes to me.

If you look close, you can see “Kennedy.”