My wife, Diedra, took a lot of art classes in High School. We found some of her old ceramics pieces when we were going through some keepsakes. They’re not bad, if I say so myself!

The other day, we were admiring a drawing one of our children made. Diedra said, “It’s charming.” And then told me a story about her High School ceramics teacher– who once commented to her students, “My pieces, by now, are almost too perfect. They lack the charm I see in my students’ work.”

That’s a teacher’s heart–right there.

Called teachers–teachers who love their craft–are addicted to the intoxicating effect of having a front row seat to observe (and inspire) your students’ discovery, frustration, practice…and then their beaming faces when they are proud of their work.

The charm of their work communicates all of this and more.