Dovetail Joint

A “dry run” is a woodworking term. You test the joints without glue to see how well everything will fit together. You’re also rehearsing to be able to assemble relatively quickly when you actually do the “glue up.” Some woodworkers even call the dry run a “rehearsal.”

Tonight I’ll lead a fabulous group of people through a wedding rehearsal. It’s time well spent.

Whether we’re talking about weddings, music, sports or speeches–I think very few of us love rehearsing. It can be tedious, boring, exhausting work that many of us would rather not do.

And yet it makes all the difference.

All the difference between a smooth performance or an awkward one. Between being able to enjoy the audience, or being terrified of them. Between a win or a loss. Between a satisfied customer or a disappointed one.

The rehearsal is an investment that pays dividends. It’s a gift to your future self and to your audience. If you’re a leader, and you can make the rehearsal itself both fun and productive–your team will not only come prepared to better enjoy the work, but to love the performance.